Planning Policy

Any planning application will need to be determined against policies contained in the Mendip District Local Plan. In this regard, the local plan does not identify any planning constraints associated with the Site that would prohibit its development. It is not located in the green belt, an area of outstanding beauty or an area at risk of flooding.

In terms of planning policy, that most relevant to the Site is considered to be Core Policy 7: Glastonbury Town Strategy. This policy seeks to deliver 1,000 dwellings within Glastonbury’s development limits. However,  housing delivery across Glastonbury has stalled, with the council experiencing a shortfall in delivery of 531 dwellings. In such circumstances, core policy 7 acknowledges that additional land will need to be released in order to meet housing requirements.

On this basis, the Site is considered to be a suitable location capable of accommodating housing. It is unencumbered from any planning constraints, has good access to existing services and facilities, and would also present an opportunity for environmental improvements. It is therefore considered that the proposed development would accord with relevant planning policy.

Public Benefits

When a council experiences a shortfall in housing delivery, national planning policy requires planning permission to be granted where the benefits outweigh any adverse impacts resulting from the development.

The public benefits associated with the development are summarised below:


  • Provision of housing in an authority area that is currently experiencing a shortfall in housing delivery;
  • A mixture of housing types and sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of people;
  • Inclusion of 30% dedicated affordable housing to assist first time buyers and others who wish to own their own home.


  • Improvements to the road environment on Godney Lane;
  • Provision of publicly accessible open space;
  • Bio-diversity net gain of at least 10%; and
  • A betterment in surface water management and flood risk across the site.


  • Creation of 30 FTE construction jobs;
  • Generation of circa £1m gross value added to the local economy; and
  • Will facilitate additional spend in the local area, for the benefit of local shops and services.