Technical Reports

In the complex process of planning applications, the submission often relies on a suite of technical reports to support decision-making. Crossman Planning Consultancy specialises in both the management of external consultants to produce these reports, and also undertakes its own technical reports production In regard to the latter, we are able to produce a wide range of technical reports, including:

  • Planning statements: crafted to provide a robust rationale for proposed developments, our planning statements always align with planning policies and guidelines.
  • Design and access statements: our team creates detailed documents outlining the design rationale and accessibility considerations, ensuring compliance with regulatory and policy standards.
  • Economic statements: insightful assessments of potential economic benefits resulting from development.
  • Affordable housing statements: tailored to address affordable housing provision within proposals, aligning with local housing policies and identified need.
  • S.106 draft heads of terms: we prepare heads of terms outlining obligations and contributions associated with developments.
  • Environmental statement chapters: our chapters comprehensively address environmental considerations, including assessments of the significance of effects and proposed mitigation measures.
  • Community infrastructure pro-forma: we are able to complete CIL pro-forma and advise on opportunities to reduce CIL liability.

At Crossman Planning Consultancy, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in technical reports production. Each document is carefully crafted, informed by the latest planning policies and relevant case law. Our goal is to provide clients with robust, well-informed reports that support the planning application process effectively.

Planning technical reports.

With our expertise and comprehensive range of services, clients can navigate planning applications with confidence, knowing they have the support of a dedicated and knowledgeable team. Let Crossman Planning Consultancy assist you in producing technical reports that enhance the success of your development proposals.

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