Permitted Development

Understanding permitted development rights can be crucial for maximising development opportunities without the need for planning permission. Crossman Planning Consultancy offers expert guidance, drawing on their permitted development expertise, in navigating the complex statutory framework associated with permitted development.

In some cases, certain developments are classified as ‘permitted development’ and do not require planning permission. However, the rules governing permitted development can be complex. With our extensive experience, we assist clients in understanding the scope of permitted development and how to leverage it effectively.

Planning permitted development.

Even though permitted development rights may exist, they can be restricted by environmental and sustainability factors. In such instances, prior approval from the council may be necessary. Crossman Planning Consultancy has a proven track record in successfully coordinating prior approval applications, ensuring proposed works align with regulatory requirements.

Our services related to permitted development encompass:

  • Identification of maximum permitted development allowances: we carefully analyse the regulations to determine the maximum development allowances applicable to your project.
  • Submission of prior approval applications: we facilitate the submission of prior approval applications for various conversions, such as agricultural barn to residential conversions and office/shop to residential conversions. Our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient process.
  • Advice on permitted changes of use: we provide tailored advice on permitted changes of use, guiding clients through the complexities of changing property use within the permitted development framework.

With our in-depth knowledge and experience, Crossman Planning Consultancy is your trusted partner in navigating permitted development regulations. We aim to empower clients to capitalise on development opportunities while adhering to legal requirements and environmental considerations.

By utilising our expertise, clients can confidently explore development possibilities under permitted development rights, knowing they have the support of a dedicated and knowledgeable team. Let Crossman Planning Consultancy guide you through the intricacies of permitted development, ensuring your projects achieve their full potential.

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