Crossman Planning Consultancy, renowned planning consultants in South West England, boasts extensive expertise in preparing, submitting, and negotiating a diverse range of planning applications. With our profound understanding of planning policy intricacies and regulatory procedures, coupled with invaluable insights into the operational dynamics of local planning authorities, we ensure seamless project execution, maximising efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our collaborative approach with councils fosters creativity and commercial viability, laying the ground work for project success.

Planning consultants South West England

At Crossman Planning Consultancy, we excel in liaising with local authorities, employing a strategic blend of creativity and pragmatism to secure optimal outcomes for our clients. It is the result of our ‘firm but fair’ approach to negotiations with local authorities that has resulted in our huge success across the south west region.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, including:

  • Pre-application submissions: proactive engagement with planning authorities to assess feasibility and garner early feedback;
  • Planning, EIA, and listed building applications: expertly crafted applications to navigate complex regulatory frameworks;
  • Discharge or modification of planning conditions and obligations: skillful management and discharge of conditions and obligations to facilitate project progression;
  • Lawful development certificates: ensuring legal compliance and certification for development activities;
  • Management of project teams: streamlining coordination among stakeholders for seamless project execution;
  • Advice on planning obligations and community infrastructure levy (CIL): Strategic guidance on obligations, financial contributions and levy costs;
  • Public consultation: engaging stakeholders to foster community support and address concerns effectively;
  • Officer and stakeholder negotiations: facilitating constructive dialogue to resolve issues and achieve consensus;
  • Planning committee presentations: delivering compelling presentations to secure approval and endorsement from decision-makers.

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As the premier planning consultants in South West England, your projects will benefit from our unwavering commitment to excellence, proven by our track record of delivering results. Contact us HERE to unlock the full potential of your development projects in Bristol and Bath or the wider south west region.

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