Planning appeals are a crucial step in the development process, providing a mechanism to challenge decisions made by councils when they refuse applications. Crossman Planning Consultancy specialises in navigating the appeals process with expertise and precision, ensuring clients’ interests are represented effectively.

Our services encompass a comprehensive approach:

  • Thorough review of planning decisions: we meticulously analyse the grounds on which planning decisions are based, identifying potential areas for appeal and crafting robust strategies accordingly.
  • Tailored appeal strategy: leveraging our experience, we provide strategic guidance customised to the specifics of each case. This tailored approach aims to optimise the chances of a successful appeal outcome.
  • Preparation and presentation of appeal evidence: we handle the preparation and presentation of appeal evidence with careful attention to detail. This involves compiling robust evidence and effectively communicating relevant information to decision-makers.
  • Engagement with legal counsel: when necessary, we collaborate closely with legal experts, providing them with comprehensive instructions and support to represent our clients’ interests effectively in legal proceedings.

The appeals process can be complex, requiring a thorough understanding of planning regulations and procedures. With Crossman Planning Consultancy, clients can trust that their appeals are in capable hands. We are committed to advocating tirelessly on behalf of our clients and achieving the best possible outcomes for their projects.

With our planning appeals expertise, clients can rest assured that their interests are in capable hands. From meticulous analysis to strategic guidance, we ensure effective representation throughout the appeals process.

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If your planning application have been refused permission, then please feel free to contact the team at Crossman Planning Consultancy HERE. We would be happy to provide a consultation on the merits of your case, and advise on your chances of success. We always provide robust and reliable independent advice.

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