About Crossman Land & Acquisitions

Crossman Acquisitions is the land promotion arm of the Crossman Group of companies.

Our business focus is to acquire land with development potential and realise its maximum value through the planning process. Unlike our larger, corporate competitors, we take a selective approach to the acquisition of land. This enables the provision of a bespoke and tailored service for the landowner and associated stakeholders, whilst ensuring that the process is open and transparent at all times.

Our in-house professional team has extensive experience dealing with all aspects of the planning and development process. If Crossman Acquisitions is promoting your land, then you will be comfortable in the knowledge that its commercially minded team will be dedicated in its pursuit of maximising your land’s development value.

The Process

Most land has a value which can be enhanced by obtaining planning permission for a more profitable land use. Unfortunately, obtaining planning permission is now more complex and expensive than ever before. Fortunately, Crossman Acquisitions has a proven track record of successfully navigating the complexities of the planning system and maximising land’s development value.

With this approach, we take all the risks – the landowner pays nothing but has everything to gain.

Current Projects